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Pats Pulpit's list of 5 non-Patriots we want on our team

Well, after my offseason, homeristic rant known as Pats Pulpit's list of 5 Most Overrated Players, I thought I'd change it up a bit and ask y'all for your Top 5 list of non-Patriots you'd like on our team.  If you want to take into account the current needs of the team (ie: we need a pass rushing OLB), that's cool.  The opposite is true: feel free to pick a player even if the need is already more than taken care of, ie: Tom Brady is aboard, but I really like Peyton Manning on the Patriots (hold on, I need to wash my hands after typing that).

Rival fans, if you feel the desire to participate, there's a few options: a) put some Patriots laundry on and write your list as a Patriots fan would, or b) make your Top 5 list from any player in the NFL, but I DO request that you include at least ONE Patriot (hey, this is a Pats site, right?).  Just let us know your team affiliation if it isn't readily apparent (ex: I think I can figure out peytonsthebest from the username and shake n bake's avatar of Bob Sanders kissing the Lombardi might be a dead giveaway. ;-)).

So, without further delay, here's my list of the Top 5 non-Patriots I'd like on my team:

  1. Gary Brackett, LB Colts - Love this guy, absolutely love this guy - except when he's playing us.  In our 2007 matchup, I remember Brady throwing a pass over the middle and Brackett making a one-handed circus catch for an interception.  While we seem to be getting strong at ILB, can you imagine Brackett and Jerod Mayo taking care of the inside?  They're both young and have many years left.  Sick, just sick.
  2. Larry Fitzgerald, WR Cardinals - Fitz is insane, just a ridiculously talented young receiver.  And he seems to have his head on straight.  He's very humble when interviewed and truly appreciative of the gifts he has.  From a deep threat perspective, can you imagine DB's trying to choose between Randy Moss and Fitz?  That's a heart attack waiting to happen for a defensive backfield coach.
  3. Adrian Peterson, RB Vikings - It's hard to deny this guy's talent.  One of the most prolific running backs in the NFL, he's currently burning up the field with 1,341 and 1,760 yard seasons.  How about 22 touchdowns in those two seasons?  And he's only 24.
  4. Joey Porter, OLB Dolphins - I'm going to get crushed for this one, but ask yourself this: could you turn down 17.5 sacks in one season?  I think Porter is a loudmouth jerk, but Coach Sparano doesn't seem to mind.  Belichick?  He'd have none of that and I'm sure Porter would tone it down.  We need a pass rushing threat at OLB and Porter could be that threat.
  5. Dallas Clark, TE Colts - Clark doesn't burn up the field statistically, but has career yards per carry of 12!!  Basically, put the ball in his hands and he'll will make something happen.  At 6-3 252 lbs, he's smaller than what you'd think of for that position, but he's damn dependable and is consistently a threat when on the field.  I've always wanted a good reception TE for the Patriots and Clark would fit the bill.

Have at it folks.  Let's get your lists up!!