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Patriots Links 7/09/09 - Ben Watson Happy To Have Brady Back

<em>Le Kevin Smith and Tedy Bruschi celebrate a fumble recovery against the Denver Broncos at Gillette Stadium last season.</em>
Le Kevin Smith and Tedy Bruschi celebrate a fumble recovery against the Denver Broncos at Gillette Stadium last season.

Erik Scalavino catches up with Patriots' globe-trotting, back-flipping defensive lineman Le Kevin Smith.  Terrific article on one of our lesser-known players, who has a world of interests and talent outside of football.

When Le Kevin Smith visited [Finland] last summer, he was pleasantly surprised to meet several hardcore Patriots fans. How hardcore? They actually recognized him, a relatively obscure, reserve defensive lineman (albeit with a unique name) on a three-time Super Bowl champion team with more than its share of superstars. 

He also discovered that American football is growing in popularity in Finland. Smith was already intending to visit Finland  with former college teammate Seppo Evwaraye, who hails from the coastal town of Vaasa, when he was contacted by a group that runs a football camp for Finnish youngsters.

"So, I went over earlier than I had intended so I could work the football camp," said Smith.

First Take (ESPN) Ben Watson talks with Hannah Storm about the upcoming Patriots season, managing to say absolutely nothing of substance for 2 minutes and 34 seconds.  Well-trained in the Belichick school of communication. 

"Definitely, Tom has looked great," said Watson. "He works really hard. He's a great leader on our team. He's definitely poised to come back and have a great year. Like we say in New England you got to take it one day at a time, and every day is different, every year is different. I know he's looking forward to being out there. We're looking forward to having him back."


"Look at these stats!" Harrison said. "All you have to do is pull ‘em up and look at ‘em — my interceptions, my tackles, my impact on the game. Everything! What does that tell you? But guess what: Because I’m Rodney Harrison, because everyone wanted to put this ‘dirty player’ stigma on me, no one would vote for me. But if you asked these guys, would they want me on their team, yes they would."