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New England Patriots Links 8/10/09 - Seymour, Warren and Crable Practice in Full Pads

<em>Brady and Moss at Sunday's practice with Nick Caserio and Wes Welker.  Photo courtesy of Chris Parsons.</em>
Brady and Moss at Sunday's practice with Nick Caserio and Wes Welker. Photo courtesy of Chris Parsons.

Erik Scalavino Sunday's Play of the Day:  Wilhite TD pass to Butler.  Yep, you read that right.

To end practice, Belichick made things interesting. He had the offense and defense switch roles for a few plays on the goal line. A lap around both practice fields was on the line for the losing side. On one play, Wilhite was under center and was blitzed at the snap. He hurriedly tossed a prayer of a pass toward the right corner of the end zone, where rookie corner Darius Butler made a circus catch for the score. It appeared from a distance (and with a slightly obstructed view) that Randy Moss was in coverage against Butler. Wilhite later scored on a botched play when he ran in a fumbled backwards pass from about 15 yards out.

Shalise Manza Young reports on how Derrick Burgess was used in Oakland and how he'll fit in with the Patriots.

Burgess has some experience playing linebacker in a 3-4 formation, but it is limited; even with that, however, the terminology in New England is like learning a new language. And there is the matter of adjusting to playing upright when he’s had his hand in the dirt for much of his career.

Asked whether he can "stand up," Burgess drew laughs with his quick retort: "I’m standing right now." But he quickly wiped the smile from his face, saying, "Whatever they need me to do I will do and whatever I need to work on I will work on."

Bill Belichick emphasized that Burgess has a long way to go, but was happy to have him out on the field. With the mini-break the rest of the players got on Friday afternoon and Saturday, the coaching staff was able to spend some time with Burgess, trying to bring him up to speed.


The play of the session was likely a long-distance strike down the sideline from Tom Brady to Randy Moss. Darius Butler was in coverage and appeared to be running stride for stride with No. 81, but he just got turned around by Moss, who made an excellent catch in stride for a ball that would have easily gone for a touchdown.