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Pats Pulpit logistics as we approach the season

Hey, wassup?  While I partake of an adult beverage and absorb the day's news on my favorite team, I thought I'd pen a bit about logistics, about how SB Nation (the company that keeps this fine blogging platform running ) and Pats Pulpit do the whole football season thing.

Mondays and Tuesdays are typically reserved for the previous matchup's evaluation.  We'll pour over all the stats, breakdown what the talking heads are saying, and give you plenty of opportunity to throw in your two cents.  Wednesdays starts the evaluation of the upcoming opponent.  We'll take a look at their stats to date and turn into armchair Belichicks.  How should the Pats gameplan against the upcoming opponent?  What are their strengths?  How about weaknesses?  As the week progresses, injury reports start coming out and we can use those to evaluate not only the Patriots, but their opponents.  Mid-week is about the time when we invite a rival's blogger to help us understand what his team is all about.  This is where your thoughtful commentary is most important.  I view these exchanges as a great opportunity to learn from a rival uber fan.  It also helps rep us well.  And, while the opposing blogger is answering questions on Pats Pulpit, I'm in the den of the enemy, doing my level best to represent us.

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (assuming a Sunday game), things get busy.  As starters become apparent, we can make some educated guesses as to a lineup.  Finally, on Sunday, this place gets busy.  There's typically 3 open threads: Patriots vs. Opponent, post game Patriots vs. Opponent, and a Sunday gameday thread for all other games.  SB Nation's platform allows for "live commenting".  That is, there's no need to "refresh" the page to see new comments.  Sit tight in the thread and new comments will show up.  While commenting, please try to hold the vulgarity in check.  We all get excited and I'm no prude, but my dad and mum read this blog.  Also, I would ask that you put a little detail in your comments.  For example, Killer pass!! may have context 3 seconds after, but could be tough to interpret minutes after.  Killer pass to Galloway for 37!! is much better and doesn't require that much more effort.  In addition, it provides more info for our friends who may not have the game available to them (a trick for quick comments is to type in your text in the title and hit "return" twice; no need to hit post).

Right after the game, I'll have the post game thread up.  It's an opportunity to catch a breath and comment on what you just saw at a less frenetic pace.  About an hour after the game, I'll have my initial thoughts posted.  On Monday, I'll have a more detailed wrapup of the game.  And it starts all over again...