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New England Patriots Links 8/15/09 - Patriots Back in Training Camp Mode After Win

<em>Patriots DL Richard Seymour pressures Eagles QB Donovan McNabb during the Patriots preseason game in Philly on August 13, 2009.</em>
Patriots DL Richard Seymour pressures Eagles QB Donovan McNabb during the Patriots preseason game in Philly on August 13, 2009.

Bill Belichick Post-game follow-up:

I think, just kind of as a follow-up to last night, looking at the film, there were again a lot of positive things in all areas and a lot of things that we still need a lot of work on, fundamentally, a lot of little techniques. There was, again, some good evidence that we've made some progress there and there were  also times when we didn't do it as consistently or correctly as we need  to do it. So we've gone through the film in quite a bit of detail today, both as a staff and with the players here this afternoon, to get those things corrected.

Chris Baker Post-game quotes from the tight end:

On how comfortable he himself was in a new offense:

"It is still a work in progress for me learning this offense. I am working hard and this is a very complex offense.  I am starting now to feel better though. Our coaching staff has really focused on our red zone production during camp and I think we did some good things."

On how he felt scoring two touchdowns:

"I think that I can get open with [WR Randy] Moss out there being covered as heavy as he will.  It is really up to me to get out there and beat the man coverage. I expect that I will be able to do that and have good things happen. I was very excited to get in the end zone this game because last season I did not. That was the first time in my career that I did not get in the end zone."

Richard Seymour Post-game quotes from the defensive lineman:

On the play of the defensive line tonight:

"I think we played well and the preseason games are big for the guys on the inside. Games during the season are won and lost here and we have to work hard at these preseason games. We really have to work hard on rushing the passer and stopping the run. If teams can run the ball on the defense once the season starts then you will not be a good football team. I think the defense has been a strength to this team the last couple of years."

On if they felt they played the 4-3 defense well tonight:

"I think tonight we tried out a bunch of combination of guys and it went pretty well. I think that we will show different guys up front this season with the 4-3 and sometimes the 3-4.  We will want to mix it up. I think when we do that we give ourselves a better chance to win. I think that we will watch the films and make some adjustments that will make us even stronger."