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New England Patriots Links 8/17/09 - Bruschi Back; Mankins & Ohrnberger Carted Off.

<em>LB Tedy Bruschi (54) makes a tackle on WR Joey Galloway (13) during Sunday's afternoon practice.</em>
LB Tedy Bruschi (54) makes a tackle on WR Joey Galloway (13) during Sunday's afternoon practice.

Erik Scalavino reportsTedy Bruschi's return to the field highlighted Sunday's practice.

"It was just … you get a little bit older and you’ve gotta mend some aches and some pains. That’s why it took longer for me to get out here," the 14-year veteran explained to reporters after practice.  "But I’m feeling better now and hopefully I can get back to work."

"We’re in training camp right now. Roles are being defined. I know we have a lot of good inside linebackers. Gary Guyton, Jerod Mayo. Every year, I have to come in and establish a role for myself on this team. This year is no different."

Christopher Price lists his thoughts from the afternoon session, including the backup QB competition.

In our continuing quest to try and figure out the backup quarterback situation, read into this what you will — on Sunday, when the quarterbacks would go off and do a quarterback-specific drill, more often than not it would be Brady and O’Connell, while Andrew Walter and Brian Hoyer would be working together on another part of the field. A bit of a change from last week, where Brady and Walter were working spent most of their time working together while O’Connell and Hoyer would be together.

Dennis Dillon (Sporting News) asks former 49ers and Broncos LB Bill Romanowski which current coach he wished he could have played for.

(Bill) Belichick for sure. It's amazing to me what he brings to the game: professionalism, a detailed system. The guy is not into media. He's into being the best football coach on the planet, and that really comes through. He deals with the press, and you guys probably don't like him that much because of how bland he is, but he's a football coach. And that's all he wants to do -- be the best.




Tom Brady and Peyton Manning played golf together at Cypress Point in Monterey, Calif., recently. On the first hole, both slightly sliced their shots on the border of the first fairway and the club's driving range. Uh-oh. Needle-in-haystack, lost-ball time.

But it didn't take long to find them. Brady was playing a Titleist 12, Manning a Titleist 18. Get it -- 12, 18? Talk about your unique-to-one-person golf balls.