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Training Camp Observations from Tuesday Morning's Walkthrough

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<em>Hmm... Is Julian Edelman 'securing' the ball (like the <a href="">original caption</a> reads) or preparing to throw it?</em>
Hmm... Is Julian Edelman 'securing' the ball (like the original caption reads) or preparing to throw it?

Chris Forsberg talks about the morning's steamy training camp, of the final day it's open to the public.

The Patriots launched practice with a healthy emphasis on the two-minute drill. Quarterback Tom Brady and the first-team offense worked on utilizing sideline routes and spiking the ball on routes over the middle to stop the clock before the kick team would run on the field to simulate a field goal attempt.

Christopher Price reports players were in t-shirts and shorts for the duration of the session. No one was traded and no one keeled over from the heat

The focus appeared to be on situation football — with the second game of the preseason looming on Thursday against the Bengals, New England was in prep mode for most of the morning, with the focus clearly being on Cincinnati. There was extensive work on both sides of the football, as well as special teams, but there was no specific focus on one particular area.

Andy Hart ponders a couple of thoughts during the full-roster walkthrough.

Just a side note, but it seems like Randy Moss and Vince Wilfork are regular pre-practice buddies. The duo often talks during stretching or, as they did today, gets in a little catch with a football before the action heats up. Not sure what to make of the bond, just passing it along. For what it’s worth, Wilfork can catch the ball. I’ve seen him make a good number of one-handed receptions at various times in camp. He might not look like one, but he’s a really good athlete.

Erik Scalavino remarks on what Belichick referred to as the "unofficial" transition from a training camp-style week of practice into more of a regular season mode, and some thoughts from Richard Seymour.

"I definitely feel like we have a lot of talent," Seymour added. "Now is the time to work on our individual techniques, because during the season, we’re so busy game-planning, so busy focusing in on our opponents, that we really don’t have the time to work on fundamentals as much as we do in camp. If we put that work in now, it’ll definitely pay off in the regular season."

Ian Rapoport notes Wes Welker's participation in practice and his desire to play on Thursday, but it's up to the coaches.

The Patriots did their final preparation for the Bengals game on Thursday, though like last time, it mostly involved working on what they’ll do. Preseason games aren’t exactly game plan worthy.

Speaking of the Bengals… Quarterback Carson Palmer is on the mend after a high-ankle sprain suffered in his team’s first preseason game. His coach Marvin Lewis called him "probable." Others who’ve seen Palmer walk around are a little less optimistic.

Bill Belichick Tuesday morning Press Conference.  (17.45 min. video)  Transcript to follow.

"Are we making progress?  Yeah, we should.  We've practiced, what is it, 27 times."