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Pats Pulpit armchair position coaches - update

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Ok, so here's the update.  As of today, I have the following as armchair position coaches:

  • Quarterbacks - UPDATE, ba-shiznit
  • Running Backs - CCArvin
  • Receivers - puckyou2
  • Offensive Line - OPEN
  • Tight Ends - jmm1776
  • Defensive Line - Hardscores
  • Linebackers - Aashray G
  • Defensive Backs - bartHML
  • Special Teams - beantownboy171

Anyone for the open positions?  C'mon, we're not gonna let a Colts fan take QB's, are we (no offense peytonsthebest).  For coaches unable to catch the game on TV, here's a few resources to help you out:

  • Live radio feed from WBZ's The Sports Hub, Gil Santos and Gino Capelletti's new home
  •'s game centers - at the top of the page, you'll notice the matchups.  Click on the game and you'll get a ton of info from drive charts to play-by-play entries.  The recap and box score tabs are insanely useful as well.  Check this game center out for last week's win against the Eagles.  It's updated live, by the way.
  • Pats Pulpit game threads - this is where I need folks with access to the TV broadcast to help out our position coaches not blessed with access.  Coaches can use the game threads as another source of info.

Just to recap, I'd like the coaches to concentrate on their respective positions and comment as much as they can in the game threads.  I'd also like you to writeup your thoughts post game and send them to patspulpit at  I'll compile and place into a followup story.  If this goes well, it may make its way into the regular season.