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New England Patriots Links 8/21/09 - More Work to do after Sloppy Snoozer of a Loser

<em>Patriot's (21) Fred Taylor make a run for it as Bengals' (58) Rey Maualuga gives chase in the first half.</em>
Patriot's (21) Fred Taylor make a run for it as Bengals' (58) Rey Maualuga gives chase in the first half.

Bill Belichick Post Game Presser (Transcript plus 5 min. video.)

I think it's pretty obvious out there tonight that we certainly have a lot of work to do and a long way to go. I think we were pretty sloppy in every area of the game: had a lot of penalties, didn't convert on third downs, missed too many tackles – just generally had too many mistakes, too many errors in every phase of the game with every unit, pretty much in every area. It's just an inconsistent performance that even though there were some positive things out there, especially offensively, [they] were overridden by mistakes. Quite a few of them were self inflicted. We had our opportunities and didn't take advantage of those as well as we should have either and the same thing in the kicking game. We have a long way to go. We have a lot of work to do. We'll have to get back at it tomorrow. We have a long week for Washington and we'll take advantage of that time and try to get a few of these things straightened out so we can perform a little bit better in game conditions. So that's it.

Ian Rapoport Patrick Chung learns a lesson.

Patrick Chung suffered because of a simple mistake. The rookie safety was trying to return a punt in the second half, when the ball slipped through his arms for a fumble. When he returned to the sideline, coach Bill Belichick wasn’t there to scream at him.

"Coach said, ‘I know what you’re trying to do,’ " said Chung, who had three tackles. " ‘Trying to make a play. But you got to catch the ball first.’ I said, ‘All right, coach. I got you.’ "

Karen Guregian Rodney Harrison's response to Jets' head coach Rex Ryan's recent comments about the Patriots.

"Of course it (charges up the Patriots). As a player, you’re always going to get motivated by someone running their mouth off or talking smack, I don’t care who it is," the former Patriots safety said. "It’s bad enough you have to find ways, at times, at practice to get motivated, but now you have someone serve you a fresh can of motivation, right there in a nice big warm plate. . . . I think the Patriots should be excited about it, because they now have added motivation to go out there and hate the Jets and kick their butts.