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Preseason loss no need to worry about New England Patriots

Yeah, there were 4 sacks against the Patriots, Tom Brady taking a good hit on one of them.  Yeah, Terrence Wheatley looks like he'll be job shopping if he doesn't make some pretty drastic changes.  Yeah, the offensive line looked like swiss cheese.  Yeah, redzone efficiency was 0/2.  Chill.  Relax.  That's what preseason is for.

If preseason is a good indication of how a team will do, the Detroit Lions should've won it all.  We all know how THAT story ended.  Preseason games are used for many things: to shake the rust off (Tom Brady), to put on-the-bubble players in NFL game situations (Terrence Wheatley), and to see if that star on the practice field is really a star against an opponent (Terrence Nunn or Julian Edelman anyone?).  It's a scrimmage.  Remember when you were a kid playing a scrimmage?  It meant nothing.  Why else would Patrick Chung be in as a kick returner (a position which he seems to have failed at)?

Chill.  Belichick and the coaching staff are learning.  They're learning who their likely starters and backups will be.  They're learning who the multi-talented players are.  Rookies are getting invaluable reps in NFL game situations.  And they're not showing their hand; Belichick will be ridiculously generic throughout preseason, showing a very small percentage of the playbook.

Just for a little context, we went 2-2 in the 2007 preseason.  Still worried?