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Armchair Coaches analyze New England Patriots 6-7 loss against Cincinnati Bengals

UPDATE: DB Analysis is in

Howdy faithful.  After the snoozefest that was a 6-7 loss to the Bengals, our Armchair Coaching staff provided me their analysis.  We're missing a few positions, so if you haven't please email that analysis to patspulpit at  I've also noticed a few coaches placing their thoughts as comments on this blog.  Please send your analysis to the email above instead; I'd like to publish all the entries at the same time in one story.

Without further delay, here's your coach's analysis after the jump.

Mike-Dub provided an overall game analysis (check then game thread for a quarter-by-quarter breakdown)

Brady was decent… Otherthrew Welker and Moss once… Plays right after he took a lot of pressure or got hit he looked calm and confident…

O’Connell didn’t really do to much other than the last drive for the Pats to close out the half and almost leading the Pats to a game winning touchdown or field goal before Green-Ellis fumbled…

And Hoyer was alright for an undrafted free-agent…

Green-Ellis I though had some decent runs other than his fumble in the end of the game…

Taylor had some good runs too…

Also Ventrone had a few good catches in the 3rd and 4th quaters…

OL needs to do better… Can’t allow the QB’s to be pressured to much( which I’m sure they won’t during the season)…

Defense looked OK… Stopped the run well but could have done better on the Bengals passing plays…

Overall didn’t really learn much from the game except our OL needs to be much better than they were during the regular season and even the final 2 pre-season games!

Hardscores on the Defensive Line:

4.9, 15, .5

4.9: Brian Leonard averaged 4.9 yards on 7 carries, the longest at 9 yards.  It's also the rushing average for the entire team. When an offense can look at 2nd-and-5 that often, it really opens up the rest of the playbook. 

15: While a 45 yard rush skewed his numbers, DeDe Dorsey averaged 15 yards a carry - take out the big run and he's still around 5 yards. 

.5: The highest sack totals throughout the defensive line, and that belongs to Steve Williams - who shared it with 3rd stering CB Darius Butler.

On the plus side, Cedric Benson was shut down when he was on the field, only able to average 2.8 yards/carry over 10 carries. 

The DL had a bend-but-don't-break performance, as you can tell by the score, but there certainly are a few adjustments that need to be made among the back-ups.

jmm1776 on Tight Ends:

It was clear from the beginning that BB wanted to test the 4 WR plays with the first-stringers.  To my knowledge, there wasn't a TE in the game for the time that Brady was on the field.  I don't think this means a departure form BB involving TEs in the passing game (see last week's game), but rather simply focusing on the 4 WR set.

Based on the stats, it doesn't appear that any of the TEs played a major role in this game.  Thomas led TEs with one catch for 7 yards, and Baker was without a catch.  DeVree and Watson didn't suit up for the game; I don't remember, but I think Watson could be injured, since I think I remember hearing he was out of practice recently.

From ba-shiznit, we look at Quarterbacks:

Tough night for the boys. Looks like Brady still needs to knock some rust off the long ball throws. 4 for 8, ouch. O’Connell had 1 good series out of 5 before the half. Bad field position didn’t help him though. Hoyer moved the ball some. The second string linemen really held us back tonight with the penalties, negating some 1st downs. Green Ellis was really having a nice game up until that lost fumble in the red zone. I’d really like for him to make the roster. Looks like Keith Rivers found his form for this season after doing much of nothing in his rookie season last year, after being picked 1 spot before Mayo in the 08 draft. He knocked down a couple passes from what I could tell off Looks like Manning found his game against the Iggles. 2 TD’s and no picks in the 1st quarter. Is it going to be another 12 win season for those guys again? Blah.

[Update: 8/24/09, 11:55 ET] Our "European Connection", bartHML, chimes in with a DB analysis:

Butler: I think he was the best player among the DBs. He had 5 tackles, one of them saved a TD, and he was all over the field (as far as a cornerback can). He had a clean pass breakup and another time he caused an incomplete pass with a hit. Played a lot in the second half after Springs was pulled.
Sanders, Meriweather: Starting safeties made sure tackles, some of them were nice open-field ones. Nothing special.
Bodden: Almost nothing went to his direction.
Springs: Played 1,5 quarters. Had one missed tackle resulting in a big gain.
Wheatley: The weakest link. Missed tackle on Chad resulted in a 35 yard gain. Henry constantly beat him on comeback routes. Two TDs were caught over him, although one was called back. At the TD, McGowan blitzed so Wheatley did not have safety help. He turned late and Henry simply ran past him.
McGowan: Had 6 tackles, also a sure tackler. Had a forced fumble.
Chung: As advertised, he was seen all over the field, close to the LOS and deep back. He was around the ball, although he also had a missed tackle on DeDe Dorsey's long run. He was on the field for two punt returns: the first one he muffed, and at the second one he danced a little too much after cathcing the ball.
Jamar Love and Herana-Daze Jones both had a penalyt against themselves.
Wilhite missed the game because of injury.

That's what I've got after cruising through the site, looking for comments.  If I've missed your analysis, please send it to me at the address above.  Thanks!!