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New England Patriots Links 8/24/09 - Kaczur Close To Extension, Wilfork Waiting

<em>DL Ron Brace (92) inches toward the quarterback during the Patriots-Bengals preseason game August 20th, 2009</em>
DL Ron Brace (92) inches toward the quarterback during the Patriots-Bengals preseason game August 20th, 2009

Bill Belichick talks about how Randy Moss is very good with the younger guys, and the healthy instructive relationships between offensive and defensive players.

They [Moss, Brady, other WRs] talk a lot about different techniques and how a certain defender plays and how to play against him – those types of things. Again, I think that was reflected last year when Randy was elected captain, not because of his playing ability, but because of his leadership and the way he interacts with his teammates and supports [them] — not just the receivers but also the defenders. They talk about it, too. They have a good working relationship with each other about, "This is what I’m trying to do to you and this is how I’m trying to defeat it,’ and help each other get better and ultimately that helps them get better. If our receiver tells our defensive back, ‘Hey, this is what you’re doing that’s giving me trouble or what you’re doing is making it easy for me,’ and the player can improve on the other side of the ball, ultimately, it improves him. It’s a healthy relationship and it’s one that we try to encourage. I think we get a lot out of them. Players are good about that. They are good about helping the younger players, but they’re also good about working with each other on different strengths and weaknesses and techniques that can be beneficial to our team.

Karen Guregian notes Vince Wilfork isn't buying what Kraft and the Patriots are selling regarding contract extensions and the uncertain in the leagues labor situation.

"I see both sides. I can truly sit here and say, ‘I see where the organization is coming from,’ but at the same time, they see what I’m seeing: Other teams are getting deals done, also. But they might not have situations like we have, where we have a bunch of top-notch players that’s up. So, for that reason . . . they’re probably in a little awkward situation. But at the same time, the whole NFL is."

Ian Rapoport asks Bill Belichick about Josh McDaniels' sweatshirt style.

The Bill Belichick disciple was rockin’ his old coach’s dress code. Hey, if you learn football things from a guy, it makes sense you learn other stuff. Obviously, I needed to get to the bottom of this.

Today, I asked Belichick, Did you offer McDaniels fashion advice?

"Yeah, we spent a lot of time on that," he deadpanned, trying not to laugh.

I told him I noticed McDaniel’s sleeves were rolled, not cut.

"Yeah, he’s probably trying to make his own statement then," Belichick quipped, now laughing out loud.

Glad I asked...