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New England Patriots Links 8/26/09 - Brady Not Concerned About Contract

<em>Tedy Bruschi runs through some drills at Training Camp</em>.
Tedy Bruschi runs through some drills at Training Camp.

Erik Scalavino Tedy Bruschi predicts playmaking from the LBs this season.

There are several new and young players trying to work their way into the lineup at linebacker. That means 14-year veteran Tedy Bruschi has been relegated to more of a secondary role at that position. He was asked about that fact in the locker room before Tuesday’s practice, and whether or not it feels odd to him after having started most of his career in New England.

"I’ve been with every unit in my career," he pointed out. "I mean, maybe it’d be different if I came in as a number one overall pick and that’s what I’d been my entire career. But I came in having to work my way in. So, I know what it’s like, whether you play every down, or just first and second down, or you play special teams … I know what all those roles are like, and I’m used to them, and that helps."

"We’re making progress from week to week. Right now, it’s not September or October, so, you can’t tell too much, but for the four weeks we’ve had in training camp, I think the fans can look forward to seeing linebackers making a lot of plays."

Shalise Manza Young New QB contracts could mean a windfall for Tom Brady.

At his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Brady expressed happiness for Eli Manning and Rivers for their contracts.

"I think it's great. It's great for those players," he said. "They've worked hard to deserve those. Any time a guy gets a contract, it's a pretty cool thing. I've had that experience a couple times. It really shows the health of the league."

(At this point one wonders if that last sentence is a subtle swipe at some owners' contention that the league is in financial trouble.)

"Those contract things always work themselves out one way or another. So I think the important thing this time of year is to focus on the most important priority, which is having a great season," Brady continued. "I'm committed to that and I know my teammates are committed to that. Hopefully, if we all go out and play well, we'll all be playing for a long time."



With 3,554 yards this season, he can become the 30th quarterback in NFL history to accumulate 30,000 career passing yards. With three touchdown passes, he'll become the 27th player to throw 200 in a career. With 199 completions, he'll become the 28th player to record 2,500 in a career. And if Brady can win 13 games for the fourth time in his career, he'd become the 11th quarterback with 100 career victories.