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Senator Edward Kennedy, dead at 77

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You're right - this has nothing to do with football.  It has nothing to do with sports.  But it does have something to do with a man who, throughout his life, was a tireless advocate for those who needed him most.  He had his share of trials.  From the awful death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick to his bouts with alcoholism.  The small minded will remember him only for these life moments.

An outspoken proponent of liberal causes and bills, he went against the lemmings in Washington when it made sense.  You may disagree with his politics or his position on issues, but it's hard to find fault in his accomplishments; a small list if I may indulge myself: COBRA Act, Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act, Americans with Disabilities, Civil Rights Act of 1991, and State Children's Health Insurance Program.

Senator Kennedy was part of a family often thought of as the closest thing to royalty the United States had.  Unfortunately, His attempt at a presidential bid was marred by personal problems and the glare of Chappaquiddick.  However, as the Boston Globe states, "By the early 21st century, the achievements of the younger brother would be enough to rival those of many presidents."

Unlike his brothers John and Robert, Senator Kennedy's passing was peaceful, surrounded by family.  The last surviving son of Joe and Rose Kennedy, Ted Kennedy will be remembered for what he was: a tireless public servant.

"To whom much is given, much is expected."  Rest in peace, Senator, Rest in peace.