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Pats Pulpit talks Skins with Hogs Haven

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Hello faithful.  In our ongoing effort to educate the masses about our upcoming opponents, SB Nation's Washington Redskins blog, Hogs Haven, blogger KevinE answers my questions about his favorite team.  There's a bit of 6 degrees of separation going on here, but in this case it's only one degree.  I'll give you three guesses as to which Skins player now wears a Patriots uniform and the first two don't count.  At any rate, check out my answers to KevinE's questions over at Hogs Haven.

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1) Shawn Springs returns to FedEx field, but in a different uniform. Why was he released from the Skins? Can you give us any insight into his strengths and weaknesses?

Shawn was released due to his nagging injuries and the fact we already had depth at the CB position with DeAngelo Hall and Carlos Rogers. It also gave the Skins some cap room to make room for the other free agent signings.

2) Albert Haynesworth is a big story for the Skins. Do you think the front office paid too much for the star, possibly depleting their cap space or was it a necessary deal? Montgomery and Golston don't appear to be angered, but wouldn't they have every right to be?

It's tough to say. If Haynesworth plays 14+ games a year for multiple years, then it absolutely was worth it. The Skins D had major problems getting pressure on the QB last year, which is evident in the 28th ranking in total sacks (24). It would be natural for Montgomery and Golston to be disappointed, but at the same time, Haynesworth isn't an every down player so there is still a chance for them to see a lot of game time during the regular season.

3) It appears Jason Campbell's passing game was a bit off against Pittsburgh while the O line did fairly well. Is this your take? Is Campbell just a bit rusty?

Yes, that is an accurate statement. Zorn post-game said that Campbell did all the right things with check downs and protecting the ball. He under-threw a long bomb to Malcolm Kelly who had a step, but fans are still cautiously optimistic Campbell can be the guy.

4) Who would be your top three players who have made an impression in camp?

Fred Davis, Brian Orakpo, Jeremy Jarmon, and an honorable mention to Marko Mitchell. The Skins first round pick this year, Brian Orapko, has drawn heavy praise from everyone, including veterans Chris Samuels and London Fletcher, who have competed against the best. Jarmon, who the Skins got in the supplemental draft this year, has impressed coaches with how quickly he's adjusted to the NFL speed. Both DE's have shown great explosiveness in wreaking havoc in the back-field. Fred Davis had a great off-season this past year and is going to throw fits for opposing defenses when the Skins use 2 TE sets with Davis and Chris Cooley.