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New England Patriots Training Camp, Day 4 slideshow

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I wanted to get these out as quick as possible, so there was very little editing or effort to only pick out the "good" shots (ie: Randy making that awesone jumping catch ;-)).  I also wanted to make sure you had the "feel" of a training session.  I did, however, downsize the 3+ MB images to approximately 1 MB, so there is a little degradation.  One cool interaction was an assistant playing catch with the QB's.  Some of it was done for the crowd, but he was pulling down passes from the QB's, particularly Tom Brady, and getting lots of cheers for some nice grabs; you'll see a few good shots of that near the beginning of the slideshow.  There's about 220 pictures, so happy viewing!!

Patriots Training Camp, Day 4

Note: shrink your browser window down to get better quality.