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Backup QB Kevin O'Connell waived by New England Patriots

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In what I can only  term a surprise move, the Patriots have waived backup QB Kevin O'Connell.  My first thought was, "Huh?  Has Belichick had a sudden breakdown?"  Normally I'm all for "In Belichick We Trust" and fully realize he's smarter than me when it comes to this stuff.  But after Brady's right shoulder was drilled into the ground by Albert Haynesworth (a perfectly legal tackle, btw), I'm left a bit confused as to the decision making process of the Patriots' FO.

This leaves Andrew Walter and rookie Brian Hoyer to round out the QB spot.  Yes, Julian Edelman has played QB in college (along with every other position it seems), but I'm not sure we'd see Julian under center.  O'Connell struggled against Washington, but I didn't think he was that bad.  This would appear to open the door to two possibilities: there's confidence in Andrew Walter OR the Patriots are going after a veteran QB to take the backup spot.

The Patriots organization is not stupid; there is most definitely something in play here.  They are not simply waiving O'Connell without a plan.  If it's a veteran, who might it be?  Where does O'Connell end up?  Maybe KC?  Maybe Denver?  More to come on this one...

Props to shoein and bforce3 for their heads up report and links.