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New England Patriots Links 8/31/09 - True Patriot Tedy Bruschi Retiring On His Own Terms

Karen Guregian notes Tedy Bruschi is set to retire today.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Bruschi just knew it was time to let go. He knew at age 36, already having suffered a stroke, with 13 pro seasons under his belt, he couldn’t contribute to the team in a matter that was suitable to him.

So he met with coach Bill Belichick late yesterday afternoon and went out on his own terms.

"In terms of adjustments, changing your game, I don’t know if it’s possible. Either you can play football or you can’t," Bruschi said last February. "For 12 years, I’ve just been trying to find a way . . . any way I possibly can to use my ability to contribute and make plays for the team to help them win.

"I’ve always relied on my knowledge of the system, the way I feel comfortable playing in the system, finding my place and putting myself in good positions. When I watch myself on film, I self-evaluate. I look at myself and I say, ‘Am I still contributing? Am I still doing the things I think help this team win?’ And to me, the answer has been, all the way for 12 years in my career, yes."

Mike Reiss notes Tom Brady is expecting to play in the season-opener against the Bills but acknowledged there is a chance he might not.

 "What does it matter? We don’t play for two weeks, so the reality is that no matter what I say – how confident I am – we’re just going to have to wait until September 14, or hopefully this Thursday if Coach lets us play. Traditionally, he doesn’t let [me] play in this game. If he wants me to play, I’ll play. For me to make a bunch of predictions on something that is two weeks away, I don’t understand what the point is of that."

Peter King (SI) offers this quote from Florida QB Tim Tebow, when asked by Pete Thamel (NY Times) who he turned to for advice when he was making his decision whether to come back for his senior year at Florida.

"I talked to Bill Belichick. He said whatever is the best decision for you. It's not like it's going to hurt you to go back. The same teams that want you now are going to want you later. He was talking both sides of the fence with me. Just from knowing him, he was able to talk to me like a friend, and because he's so close with coach [Urban] Meyer."