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New England Patriots Links 8/04/09 - Gutierrez Released, Free Agent QB Andrew Walter Signed

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<em>S Brandon Meriweather walks between drills during training camp at Gilette Stadium.</em>
S Brandon Meriweather walks between drills during training camp at Gilette Stadium.

The New England Patriots signed veteran QB Andrew Walter Monday. Terms of the agreement were not announced. Additionally, the Patriots released QB Matt Gutierrez.

Walter, 6-6, 230 pounds, spent the last four seasons with the Oakland after joining the Raiders as a third round pick out of Arizona State in 2005. Walter has started nine of 15 games and completed 174 of 333 passes for 1,919 yards and three touchdowns. After spending his rookie season as the third quarterback in 2005, Walter saw significant action in 2006. He started eight of 12 games and completed 147 of 276 passes for 1,677 yards and three touchdowns. Walter saw action in three games with one start during the 2007-08 campaigns. Walter was waived by Oakland on July 30, 2009.

Ian Rapoport reports Tom Brady believes receiving substantial playing time in preseason games is a must.

"It was unfortunate that I wasn’t out there last year because hopefully that really could’ve helped me out in terms of my timing for the first game," Brady said yesterday in an interview on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Mad Dog Channel. "You never know if I could’ve avoided the hit that I took had I been out there to understand the presence in the pocket. So I want to be out there to participate."

"We’ve got four preseason games," Brady said. "If I play in all of them, I’d be very happy about that."

Erik Scalavino offers his news and notes from Monday's practice, including this highlight which was a hoot to watch.

Brady looked for Moss again in the back of the end zone, but Meriweather was there to make the interception, foiling the drive. Meriweather ran the ball out to about the 3-yard line, before falling to the ground to end the series. He celebrated by doing a little Curly Shuffle-type thing. Cradling the ball under his left arm, he used that as an axis, around which he spun himself by pushing off with his legs in a counter-clockwise direction. The crowd got a big kick out of Meriweather's spontaneous antics.