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New England Patriots Links 8/06/09 - Gutierrez Lands With The Chiefs

<em>Rookie S Patrick Chung runs through defensive back drills during the morning session at Gillette Stadium.</em>
Rookie S Patrick Chung runs through defensive back drills during the morning session at Gillette Stadium.

Mike Reiss asked Pat Chung why he sprints during practice while every other player jogs:

"You got to get warm, man," he answered after a 105-minute practice held in near 90-degree temperatures. "It's conditioning. It helps for the season, so I do it."

Chung has done a little bit of everything in training camp -- playing in the deep third of the field, lining up as a slot corner, and also showing up various times on special teams. His all-out approach is easy to notice.

Safety Brandon Meriweather has been impressed.

"He's a real good athlete, he does a lot of things well," he said. "He's going to be real good."

Shalise Manza Young says versatile Darius Butler is getting quite an education from Patriots receiving stars.

"You just have to come out and be on your P’s and Q’s every play," Butler said. "It’s not only Moss. It’s Welker, Galloway, Greg Lewis, all of those guys can beat you any play, especially when you have a guy like Tom [Brady] throwing the ball. It’s just a great challenge every play."

"It is definitely an adjustment coming from college, because in college you might line up against one fast guy one week and then three weeks later you might have another guy that is pretty good, but in the [NFL] everybody that you line up across is good," Butler said. "They can beat you on any play, so you have to be [at your best] on every play."

Butler has one goal in mind this year: "Get better every day."


QB Tom Brady ducks his head for a quarterback sneak during Wednesday's practice at Gilette Stadium.




8.  Galloway took issue with me when I asked him if he could still run a 4.3 in the 40-yard dash. He said he didn’t know where that 4.3 rumor came from because he believes he still has a 4.1 left in him. "Don’t let the gray beard fool you, the guy can fly," said Bodden.