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New England Patriots Links 9/10/09 - Gearing up for Monday Night

Bill Belichick talks about the special feel for the first game of the season.

Yeah, there're the first game butterflies. No doubt, they'll be here this week for everybody. You go through training camp and you never really know where you are, you haven't had other team's gameplan yet, and you haven't seen those matchups the way that teams are going to attack you once you get into the regular season and you find out how strong your strengths are, how weak your weaknesses are and how the teams are going to try to expose them and attack you and what you're going to be able to do about it.

And sometimes it takes two or three weeks in the regular season to start to see that because the matchups the first week or the second week or the third week could be a little bit different, but from a game plan standpoint, right off the bat teams will start to go after certain areas and maybe stay away from others and you'll try to do the same thing. It's always interesting to see how that plays out, so there's a lot of things that we have to be ready for and we'll certainly see how Buffalo wants to try to attack us and how we're able to handle it. So yeah, there's a lot of newness there and it will be interesting to see, as it always is, how things unfold.

Tom Brady talks about the new look of the Patriots Defense.

They're going to create their own style. You're not going to have the loudmouths like Vrabel - you still have Adalius [Thomas] - but Rodney was a guy that I loved to compete against out there in practice. There are other guys that have stepped into those roles. James [Sanders] is now...I remember when he was learning from Rodney, and now he's the guy that Patrick Chung will be learning from. There are definitely some new faces over there and some new looks, and I think they are very skilled. Hopefully they can get after the passer. I love when I see our defensive line sacking the quarterback and making the quarterback throw the ball earlier than he would like and forcing him into bad decisions and then intercepting the ball. They are going to have their hands full this week with a great team and a great offense in Buffalo, who presents some different threats. But they're going to have their own identity.

Gerry Callahan calls the Seymour trade a bold offensive move by the Patriots and analyzes why every other team turned Al Davis down.

Sometimes Bill Belichick outsmarts them, and sometimes he just outnerves them, and in this case, he made a simple swap: The Patriots organization got a whole lot stronger over the long haul while his job got a little tougher for the next four months. And he will never come out and say it because he doesn’t come out and say anything, but we’ll do it for him: Belichick isn’t conceding a thing in the 2009 season. Belichick just thinks he can win without Richard Seymour. Let’s face it: The coach didn’t think quite as highly of Big Sey as did the Pro Bowl voters, the media, the fans, or the nutty old guy in Oakland.