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What should the New England Patriots do with Matthew Slater

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We all saw it.  We all saw it and cringed.  Your elbow isn't designed to go that way, but Matthew Slater's did.  There has been little information coming out of Foxborough, MA (big surprise!), so it's difficult to determine the extent of Matthew's injury.  That being said, we need to move quickly.  I'm sure Hoodie's got this covered, but why not put Slater on IR and free up a roster spot?  Wouldn't that be the prudent thing to do?  Which position would you think needs some taking care of and do you have a player in mind?  Maybe QB to thicken up the ranks?  I wonder if Feeley is still around.

Oh, if you're TRULY into gruesome-ness, I've managed to dig up the video of Slater's injury.  Without the benefit of slow motion, it's pretty darn hard to tell if it was that bad.  Slow it down a bit and, OUCH!!