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Guess where MPF is going Monday night?

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Weird stuff crosses my Inbox on a regular basis.  Interview requests, link swaps, ad posts - it's your typical deluge of things to sift through every day (and well into the night).  This one probably counts as one of the weirdest, in a good way that is.

Basically, I'm the VIP guest of Verizon for the season opener against the Bills.  They're doing a promotion for their FiOS product and I was invited to see a demo, eat some food, and enjoy the game.  Oh ok, I guess I'll go. ;-)  There's something about a film crew to record my FiOS "experience" after the demo.  I'm not too sure about that one, but if you get a kick out of seeing my ugly mug, I'll do it. ;-)

You can bet I'll be blogging the heck out of this experience when I get home.  Oh, and you'll be surprised at the jersey I'll be sporting for the game.