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New England Patriots Links 9/15/09 - Brady Leads Thrilling Comeback Over Bills

Erik Scalavino describes the Play of the Game that put the ball back in Brady's hands, that led us to victory.

On the ensuing kickoff [following Ben Watson's TD with 2 min. left], Buffalo trotted out their hands team, anticipating an on-side or squib kick from the Pats. Instead, kicker Stephen Gostkowski drilled one into the Bills end zone. Buffalo’s Leodis McKelvin decided to take it out. Bad decision. He was drilled by Brandon Meriweather, who jarred the ball a bit, followed by Pierre Woods, whose extra effort knocked the ball from McKelvin’s grasp. A pileup formed, but Gostkowski, at the back of it, wound up with the football.

"Stephen Gostkowski … what more can you say about that guy, man?" Woods mused later. "He came down there, he was all bent up, like a pretzel, had the ball, wouldn’t let the guy from Buffalo get it. I tried to pull that [Bills] guy off of him. It was chaos, man."

Randy Moss talks about how cool under pressure Tom Brady was the last five minutes of the game.

I remember…I think it was 5:32 left in the game and you see Tom coming off the sideline and he comes in the huddle talking about ‘we're gonna win this game.' And when you have a guy like that saying positive things and then going out there to make it happen, you have to have your hopes high and really think positive. From 5:32 on, everything was positive and I was really into the game. Definitely, at that time, just for the fact that…I think we were down 11 with 5:32 or something like that. So, I know it was a little late in the game for us to start playing.

When he comes in that huddle, everybody is looking up to him and want him to lead us down the field. And when you have a guy like that leading you down the field, I mean, you can't do nothing but try to run through a brick wall for him. So, I'm happy with what we accomplished tonight, but like I said, we've got to get back to work on Wednesday. And there's no telling what kind of lashing we're gonna get, but we can take this victory and hang it up.