Observations on a "Lucky" Win

This has certainly been an interesting offseason for me as a Broncos fan. What I have enjoyed more than anything was watching the new way that my team would practice and something that was interesting for me in our practices showed up for me in your game. McDaniels, while being interviewed about all our team's new fumble drills, said that 40%, or so, of fumbles were caused by the other team going after it. In Denver last year you couldn't buy a turnover and there was a reason. We didn't work at it. On the final kickoff of the game you could see that those Patriots were coached at it. They went out and made a fumble. No luck there. Conversely I got the feeling that the Bills weren't coached to cover it up and drop to the ground at that time. I watched the game with a good friend of mine who is a big Dolphins fan, and oddly enough doesn't like NE. He decried God for letting the Patriots win. I told him that there is an old adage in football... winners win, don't try to understand it.

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