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The War of Words: New England Patriots prepare for New York Jets matchup

I love the trash talking, I really do.  The war of words is both entertaining and occasionally, gives us something to write about.  I REALLY like it when guys like Laurence Maroney get into the act.  Laurence rarely says "Boo!" or, better yet, barely says "B...".  You get the picture.  #39 prefers to do his talking on the field.  Granted, we've been waiting for him to talk A LOT, but it's coming.  Trust me.

So when a reserved guy like Laurence gets all fired up, I love it:

"Stand up to the blitz," he said. "It’s a lot of what they call blitz protection. Going up there and hitting the linebackers in the mouth and being physical. It’s going to be a physical game, and we’ve got to be ready for it all 60 minutes."

Yep, quiet, reserved Laurence wants some smashmouth football.  Now, before you think he can't pull it off, let me clue you in.  El Mo is 5-11 220 lbs.  Big deal, right?  Have you been to training camp when these guys walk up to the sidelines in their underarmor to sign autographs?  It's rather intimidating.  Like "move the building five feet to the right" intimidating.

It's my guess that Belichick knows Ryan will bring the house, early and often.  It's also my guess the Hoodie told his offensive line and anyone else providing pass protection that for every time Tom Brady eats fertilizer, they owe wonderboy $100, 'cause Tom and Gisele need new flower pots...or something.  Gold plated bassinet?  I digress.  The point is to protect Brady.  The tight ends will be busy knocking around Jets rushers and I'm sure Maroney will be in on the action.  Soon, very soon, the war of words will stop and everyone will get down to business:

"I’m just now getting informed because ya’ll telling me, but it’s funny just listening to it," Maroney said. "That’s their opinion. Sorry they feel that way. … I just can’t wait for the game to get started, you know, because, you hear a lot of talking, and we just do our talking on the field."

Sunday can't come soon enough.