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New England Patriots Links 9/18/09 - Run, Laurence, Run! And you too Sammy, Fred & Kevin

<em>Laurence Maroney stretches out at practice yesterday, limbering up for a big game on Sunday.</em>
Laurence Maroney stretches out at practice yesterday, limbering up for a big game on Sunday.

Ian Rapoport says the running game will be key against Rex Ryan's blitzing ways.

"We definitely got to make sure the running game is present," Maroney said yesterday. "If the running game is doing its thing, I think they’re going to shy away from a lot of blitzes and the things they want to do."

One way to stop a team from coming after quarterback Tom Brady is to make them respect a balanced attack. The Jets may not be able to blitz with such abandon if they’re trying to corral Maroney, Fred Taylor and company.

[Maroney] knows pass-blocking may be key. He may have to fend off a hard-charging blitzer or two. He’s ready for that, as well.

"That’s what they make shoulder pads and helmets for," Maroney said. "There’s going to be a lot of 1-on-1s, a lot of open zones to work if we can pick up and stand up to the blitz. We can make big plays on them."

Jeff Howe reports on Rex Ryan's thoughts on the Randy Moss - Darelle Revis matchup Sunday.

Astronomically confident Jets head coach Rex Ryan likes Revis' chances against Moss, and Ryan went so far as to call the 2007 first-round draft pick the best cornerback in the NFL.

"I think everybody knows [Revis] is going to match up on Moss," Ryan said. "There are probably easier jobs than to play corner against [Johnson and Moss], but we're lucky to have a young man that I think is the best corner in the league. And that doesn't mean that Randy Moss won't catch any balls, because he caught 12 last week against a pretty good corner. The thing that's scary with Randy Moss is that some times with him when he's covered, he's still open because he's such a great athlete. In my opinion, he's one of the all-time great vertical receivers in the game. So this is going to be a great challenge to Revis, but it will also be a great challenge to Randy Moss as well."