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Patriots @ Jets: a few thoughts before the game

To quote JohnHannahRules, "This should be a stomach-churning dogfight."  I would agree.  The AFC East is no longer "owned" by the Patriots, as it has been in years past.  Last year, it was the upstart Dolphins, after a dismal 1-15 2007 season, edging out our Patriots in a tiebreaker to take the East.  This year, there's already signs that the Jets will be a team to reckon with.  Yes, there's only one game in the books for everyone and the pundits will pontificate endlessly based on those meager scraps, but this division seems tougher than in years past.

While Miami and Buffalo share an 0-1 record, today's matchup represents the 1-0 East rivals.  A win puts us on top of the division.  Granted, it's early and much can and will happen, but it always feels nice to see our team at the top of the standings.  While Buffalo faces Tampa Bay, a team it has a 2-6 record against, Miami takes on one of our other hated rivals, the Colts.

Division wins are HUGE.  Record determines the standings in a division, but if there's ever a tiebreaker situation, the first thing looked at is head-to-head percentages.  Yup, division wins are huge, but there's a lot of football yet to be played.  Let's just concentrate on beating the Jets, shall we?