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New England Patriots Links 9/21/09 - Jets Win Super Bowl 16-9; Season over after week 2?

Bill Belichick Post-game:

"It’s a tough loss today, it always is in the division. Give the Jets credit. They just did a better job than we did today. I really don’t think there’s a whole lot more to say about it. They just outplayed us and out-coached us and just performed better than we did over the 60 minutes and I think that was pretty much the story of the game. We had our chances and we didn’t take advantage of them. They had their chances and they did. That’s why it ended up the way it did."

"We didn’t do a good enough job."

"I think we were ready to go. They just did a better job than we did."

Randy Moss Post-game:

"I’m not taking anything away from their whole defense, secondary, defensive line, linebackers. They made plays and we didn’t get things done. You have to give credit when it’s due and they did a [heck] of a job.’’ Moss was impressed with Jets coach Rex Ryan’s defensive schemes. "At the end of the game we kept going backward,’’ said Moss. "As a whole offensive unit we just didn’t make things happen, so you have to give credit. That’s the biggest thing, you have to tip your hats to them. They played a [heck] of a game.’’




Mike  Reiss (ESPN Boston):