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New England Patriots Links 9/22/09 - Belichick, Brady Take Offense at Offense

<em>Stephen Gostkowski did a fine job as the Patriots only scorer against the Jets on Sunday.</em>
Stephen Gostkowski did a fine job as the Patriots only scorer against the Jets on Sunday.

Bill Belichick Monday Presser, answering how important it is after a loss not to get too low on the guys.

Whenever you win, there're things that aren't good. Whenever you lose, there are things that are good. Sometimes it's within a play. You could have a bad play and there could still be good things within that play. We try to break that down and point those things out, whatever they are - good or bad. [We] make our corrections, win or lose, good play or bad play, and try to keep working with the idea of getting, back and improving things that we didn't do right and reinforcing the things that we did do. That's a part of it every week. It shouldn't change whether we win, or lose, or have a good play, or have a bad play. We try to do the same thing. Everything's important.

Tom Brady responds to a question about why his throws have been off the mark.

No, I don’t think it has anything to do with my shoulder or the rust, I just think it has to do with poor technique. Sometimes, my technique hasn’t been what I’ve hoped it to be the past two weeks, and I’ve got to improve on that. I’m going to do everything I can to work on it. I always feel being an accurate passer is really like a good golf swing. If you do it right, it’s going to go where you want it. I’ve got to be more accurate throwing the football. The team counts on me to do that, when they’re open I’ve got to hit them. We had plenty of guys open yesterday, like Julian there, and those are ones you can’t miss. When games are decided like it was by a touchdown or less, you look back on those throws as ones that if we complete it, obviously it’s a different outcome.

Steve DeOssie sums up the feeling of Patriots fans everywhere after the game.

The loss to the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets was bad, but it was compounded by the week-long yapping of the Jets players and coach. Losing sucks. Losing to the Jets sucks more. Losing to a Jets team that yaps sucks the most. But there were plenty of legit football reasons why the Patriots lost.