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New England Patriots Links 9/23/09 - Patriots will have their hands full with Falcons potent offense

<em>Let's all just take a time out.  Pats will be okay.</em>
Let's all just take a time out. Pats will be okay.

Dean Pees Tuesday Conference Call, asked if the Pats still plan to stop the run first against a team like Matt Ryan's Falcons.

Yeah, I think you do that almost every week, no matter who you are playing — even if it's a team that throws 50-plus times a game. If it becomes a two-dimensional game, that's always a tough one. But, yeah, they are a really good offensive football team. We have always had a ton of respect for [Michael] Turner. [Jerious] Norwood, there's another guy that can run the ball. Before, they always had a good running attack, a good offensive line. They had two good receivers in [Michael] Jenkins and [Roddy] White. But the things they've added now, [with] Tony Gonzalez — probably one of the best tight ends to ever play — if you add him to that offense, along with the year that [Matt] Ryan had last year … It looks like [Ryan]'s picking up right where he left off. This is a very, very potent offense. We've got our hands full.

Bill Belichick Tuesday Conference Call, asked about Pat Chung's development:

I think all of our rookies are in the process of learning whatever it is they are doing: offense, defense, special teams. But I think all the ones that are on the roster are capable of playing and either have played, or will play, or have played extensively in preseason, and will play at some point, depending on game-plan situation and some other circumstances. Maybe some in their control, maybe some not in their control. Patrick [Chung] definitely will fall into that category. He's got a lot to learn and he's learning it. He's played and he's done a good job for us when he's been in there on defense and in the kicking game. I think he's got a real good future ahead of him. It's exciting to work with him and Darius [Butler], too, in his secondary. I think they're heading in the right direction, no question about it.