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New England Patriots Links 9/24/09 - Patriots Expecting Teams to Blitz, Blitz, Blitz

Chris Gasper says the Patriots offense has Brady scrambling for answers.

The issues for the offense go beyond Brady, according to former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer. They are tied in part to repetitive play-calling, a lack of dedication to the running game and the screen game, and a lack of chemistry between Brady and new No. 3 receiver Joey Galloway.

Dilfer said Brady, on film, is fundamentally the same as he was during the record-setting 2007 season, but the offense is not.

"This is not a very dynamic passing game the way it’s being called. It is far less dynamic than 2007,’’ said Dilfer. "By making it more dynamic and getting more ‘chunk yardage’ [which, according to Dilfer, is yardage gained after the ball is in the air for at least 15 yards], that will take the burden off executing at a high level on multiple third downs, the hardest down in football.’’

Tom Brady on Matt Ryan and the Falcons:

This team [Atlanta] kind of lines up and they come at you. It's not like it's a big mystery where they're bringing their stuff from. They just line up with 11 guys who are all tough, who are all fast. And they usually rush. And they usually get there. John Abraham and [Kroy] Biermann, they are both great pass-rushers. They've got a very good defensive line, with athletic linebackers. We've got to get rid of the ball fast this week because they're coming.

Matt [Ryan], obviously we haven't played him, last year [being] his rookie year. I always hear good things about him. He seems like a really neat guy. Obviously, going to [Boston College], I heard a lot about him. But he's done a great job. He's leading the team to wins and that's what a quarterback's job is.