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Scouting the Enemy: Cat Scratch Reader gives us some intel on Falcons



A few days before gameday.  This is a big one, in my mind.  Tom Brady and the offense have looked a bit out of sorts, so it'll be interesting to see how this pans out.

As a new feature for this week's matchup, SB Nation bloggers are sharing intel on upcoming matchups with our upcoming opponent's previous rival, the Carolina Panthers in this case.  I contacted Jaxon, blogger at Cat Scratch Reader, for some advice on playing the Falcons:

  • Focus on DE John Abraham and you can limit their pressure on the QB
  • LB Mike Peterson has provided a leadership boost so need to limit his impact somehow
  • Must stop RB Michael Turner or they will kill you with the play action to TE Tony Gonzales or WR Roddy White
  • Speaking of Gonzales, Ryan already has him on speed dial. Pray you can keep him from completely destroying you.
  • The Falcons o-line is better than advertised or our d-line is just weak. (Don't answer that)
  • QB Ryan can make mistakes so the secondary will have chances to get their hands on the ball
  • Delhomme threw for 300 yards so Brady should make his Fantasy owners happy this week. 

Hmm... Tony Gonzales and Matt Ryan sound like a duo to watch out for.  Hopefully, our CB corps are up to the challenge.  Just coming off a loss to a blitzing, pass rushing team, I think limiting John Abraham is on the money.  Thanks to Jaxon at Cat Scratch Reader for his info and insights.