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New England Patriots Links 9/25/09 - Brady and Galloway - It's All Good

<em>It's all good between Joey Galloway and Tom Brady</em>
It's all good between Joey Galloway and Tom Brady

Adalius Thomas says life isn't good after a defeat.

"Everything is better after a win," Thomas said. "Your car drives better. Your girlfriend or your wife looks better. Your mood is better. You don’t want to lose, especially a game you could have won. That’s always the feeling if you’re competitive. You always have that strange feeling that, I want this taste out of my mouth."

Monique Walker looks at defending the Falcons, noting with all of the options available to Ryan, the Patriots’ D-linemen don’t want the team to have to rely on the blitz to create pressure.

"I think we want to be able to get to the quarterback with just four guys,’’ Banta-Cain said. "If we have to blitz great, but . . . we take a lot of pride in knowing that we’re one of the better D-lines in the league and we have been for a while. So the onus is always every week on us to try to maintain that, solidify this. Hopefully that four-man rush is all we need.’’

The key to generating more of a pass rush will begin with getting ahead, said Banta-Cain.

"Hopefully, the scoreboard will help us do that. Getting ahead of guys and make them have to throw the ball and play from behind. I think that’s the key to any pass rush,’’ said Banta-Cain, who had two sacks against Buffalo in the opener. "Other than that, any other opportunities that you get, you just got to keep going and getting better at what we’re doing.’’

Troy Aikman says "Tom Brady is still rusty within the pocket, still feeling his way around.  That's not unusual."

Another part of it is that Tom has raised the bar so high. You could take a picture of every quarterback in the league every Sunday throwing off his back foot at one time or another. But Tom is being held to his own extremely high standards. "It raises your eyebrows when he makes a bad throw or a mistake, because you’re just not used to seeing it. Plus, at this time of year, two games into the season, everything is exaggerated.’’