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New England Patriots Links 9/03/09 - Patriots take on Giants in Final Exhibition Game

<em>Will QB Andrew Walter emerge as the number one number two?</em>
Will QB Andrew Walter emerge as the number one number two?

Christopher Price lists his five things to watch for against the Giants.

The No. 3 receivers job.

To this point, the expected battle between Joey Galloway and Greg Lewis for the job of third receiver has turned out to be underwhelming. With the understanding that you can’t measure overall ability based solely on game action -- instead, it’s a single piece in the overall evaluation of a player -- Galloway and Lewis have been sadly lacking: Galloway has six catches for 49 yards and Lewis has two catches for 26 yards.

It’s not like neither one of them has been given the opportunity to take control of the situation -- through three preseason games, Galloway has had 12 passes thrown in his direction, second only to the 14 passes thrown toward Randy Moss. (Lewis has been targeted seven times.)

Ian Rapoport offers his five things to watch for in tonight's matchup.

Who’s on outside at LB: Shawn Crable or Paris Lenon?

The linebackers found breathing room when Tedy Bruschi retired, but there is still a numbers crunch. Pencil in the four starters and pass-rush specialists Derrick Burgess and Tully Banta-Cain. Depending on the configuration, it could leave just two spots for Eric Alexander, Paris Lenon and Shawn Crable. Alexander has a niche on special teams, putting the onus on Lenon to show he can stuff the run. If he looks lost, the decision may be over. But Crable might need to show he’s healthy to stay on the team.