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Postgame Analysis: New England Patriots defeat New York Giants, 38-27

You would've had every right to turn the game off last night.  With 5:58 left in the first quarter, backup Giants QB David Carr hit WR Hakeem Nicks for New York's third touchdown.  The game looked like a train wreck for our fine boys from Foxborough.  However, as Marima said, once we stopped recognizing the names on the Giants' jerseys, thing started coming around.

For a preseason game, I thought this was more exciting than most.  A comeback win, some young dudes getting a chance to show their stuff, it was all good fun.  It was also their last chance to show what they had.

  • Patrick Chung - Maybe I overestimated this young man's talent or maybe he's just a rookie, but watching Chung get burned...twice...was painful.  In one classic rookie mistake, two Giants receivers lined up on the left, cris-crossed, leaving Chung confused about what to do.  He hesitated, thinking man-to-man coverage when he should've instantly switched assignments or dropped back into zone.  First year mistake.  I can let it pass.
  • Brian Hoyer - His performance leaves me more confused than ever.  After a shaky start against the Giants' first stringers, Hoyer settled into a rhythm and looked pretty darn good.  18 for 25 and 242 yards is nothing to sneeze at.  He also appeared to develop a super connection with Terrence Nunn, throwing 3 for 64 with a long of 30.  His lone TD pass was in traffic to WR Robert Ortiz.  Nicely done.  Unless Hoodie knows something I don't know (always the case), Hoyer made a good pitch for the QB backup job behind Brady and it appears the pitch was SO good, in fact, that Andrew Walter has been released (props to bforce3 in the links commentary).
  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis - Law Firm rocked, it's as simple as that.  In my opinion, he showed better downfield vision than Laurence Maroney.  One of the commentators made the statement that BJGE waits for plays to develop and follows his guards for protection.  Very observant and exactly why he did so well.  He also doesn't stop pumping those legs, getting a few extra yards out of every play.  It also doesn't hurt that Belichick followed him to the bench after one touchdown, complimenting him the whole way.  Can you spell "R-O-S-T-E-R S-P-O-T?"  I knew you could.  Oh, did I mention 4 receptions for 22 yards?  Very Kevin Faulk-like.  Some have talked about the Patriots cutting Sammy Morris and only keeping four backs.  Sammy is one of the most reliable backs we have, so I don't necessarily see that unless Hoodie's desperate to free up a spot.
  • Greg Lewis - I have no idea how Greg Lewis held onto the ball after that high/low hit.  He got hammered and still hung on.  That alone tells me he's a tough nut and soldier on the field, willing to get smacked for the good of the team.
  • Sebastian Vollmer - Vollmer is a stud or darn close to it.  He's young, big, and strong.  Let's not forget smart, too.  He seems to be picking up very quickly and that's something we desperately need for this offensive line; 11 of 13 players' contracts are up in 2009 (or is it 10 - I forget).

Overall, an entertaining game to watch once things got started.  I hope Matthew Slater's elbow isn't a permanent injury and he gets a chance this season.  It would, however, open up a spot for Terrence Nunn.  PUP Slater and make the decision later.

Now we have the Bills to look forward to and a half-time tribute to #54.