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New England Patriots release QB Andrew Walter, running down the quarterback situation

The starting quarterback for the Patriots' fourth and final 2009 preseason game was Brian Hoyer.  And that's the way it stayed throughout the game.  I didn't think it odd that Tom Brady never went under center.  It's practically tradition that Brady doesn't play the fourth preseason game.  I did, however, find it odd that Andrew Walter had zero minutes on the field, not even a snap.  This would suggest the decision had already been made, that Walter was the odd man out and Hoyer is, at least for now, Brady's backup.

As mad has Walter's face looked in the locker room, he at least said all the right things:

Walter was clearly agitated in the locker room following the Patriots' 38-27 victory over the New York Giants, a game in which he didn't play a snap as Hoyer went the distance.

"I'm ready every week," said a red-faced Walter, following the game. "As far as any other questions I think the guys who played should be the ones to answer the questions."

Walter then tried to end the interview and was asked one more question -- Do you feel with the time you've gotten you would be prepared to play in the regular season?

"It's my job to be a pro, so I'm going to leave it at that," said Walter before walking away.


While Walter went 5 for 9 for 62 yards in preseason play, I was a bit surprised he was cut.  Yet again, Hoodie saw something (or didn't see something) that I didn't see.  He has, afterall, led this team to three championships.  At any rate, this leaves us with two quarterbacks, something we've never risked as long as I can remember.  I think it's a safe bet that we'll be going after a veteran.

It has been widely postulated that AJ Feeley is that veteran option.  Currently with the Eagles, a FanPost at suggests Feeley could be wrapped in a deal to trade Patriots TE Benjamin Watson to Philly.  This doesn't necessarily jive with Mike Reiss's recent roster analysis, but it directly contradicts Reiss's Watson story found here.  Mike, what gives?  I think we have a greater need for experience under center than for tight ends.  Just one blogger's opinion.  It's even more critical now that we've dumped Kevin O'Connell as well.

Trade Benjamin Watson to Philly in a package deal that nets us AJ Feeley and let's get rollin'.