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Terrence Nunn clears waivers, makes New England Patriots practice squad

From Mike Reiss:

Receiver Terrence Nunn has cleared waivers and has signed to the Patriots' practice squad.

Mac's Football blog noted that Nunn has signed on, and that has been confirmed by the Globe.

Nunn was praised by coach Bill Belichick on Friday.

"Terrence [Nunn] has made some impressive plays for us," Belichick said. "He’s a player that was very productive in college in a different type of offense, different type of passing game. He’s adapted to what we’re doing and learning every day and becoming a better route runner and a better technique player to go along with his physical skills. He’s continued to make progress on a steady basis and he’s done a lot of things to catch our eye and the fans’ and everyone else that’s seen him play. He’s still got a lot of things to work on, but he’s making solid progress and had an impressive game last night.

I was pulling for Terrence Nunn to make the 53 man roster, but he was a victim of a stacked WR corp. There was simply no room for him. Well, his impressive performance against the Giants this past Thursday night, 3 for 64 with a 30 yarder, earned him another look on the practice squad.

I'm really happy about this one. I've liked Nunn from the start and thought he was a hard working kid. This will give him a chance to develop and if one of our WR's gets hurt, a shot at making a case for himself.

Good job, Terrence. Good job.