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New England Patriots Links 1/19/10 - Randy Moss Skips Pro-Bowl, But Keeps Commitment To Helping Hometown Kids

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<em>Randy Moss visits children at Dunbar Intermediate School in West Virginia Friday</em>.
Randy Moss visits children at Dunbar Intermediate School in West Virginia Friday.

The RANDY MOSS FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN announces its "Make The Grade Campaign."

Through his Foundation, and with the financial support of Jason Williams, Randy is rewarding and surprising today several 3rd, 4th and 5th graders who have excelled academically at their respective grade schools, Malden Elementary and Midland Trial Elementary.  The Foundation also chose Dunbar Intermediate School to participate in the campaign this year.

Randy will be present as these very special gifts are handed out.  Some of the gifts include bikes, iPods, Wiis and MPS players. NFL hats and figurines were also provided to the honored students courtesy of Reebok.  Randy had planned to distribute these gifts before Christmas on December 22nd but the snow storm caused the delay.

Randy and Jason want to stress to local children the importance of excelling in school and hope through this Campaign to encourage students to make good grades.

Randy and Jason have been blessed to have earned college scholarships and get paid for playing the respective sports they love.  But they want local students to understand that very, very few athletes ever get paid to play a sport.  Therefore, students need to not only stay in school but develop good study habits and excel in school so that they can develop the skills to get a good job.

The Foundation hopes to expand its campaign next year and include additional schools.  So kids, get to work and MAKE THE GRADE!

Good Luck, Randy and Jason.

The New England Patriots 2010 Draft Status:

"As of January 13, the Patriots possess eight selections in the 2010 NFL Draft, including four picks in the first two rounds. New England owns the 22nd pick in the first round. New England may receive additional selections in this year's draft when the NFL awards compensatory selections in late March. The draft will be held on April 22-24. The Patriots are without a third-round pick in 2010 due to a trade with Oakland in exchange for LB Derrick Burgess. The Patriots are without a fifth-round pick due to the trade with Tampa Bay for TE Alex Smith." —New England Patriots