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New England Patriots Links 1/20/10 - Coaching Changes: More in Store?

<em>How long will quarterbacks coach and de facto signal caller Bill O'Brien be with the Patriots?</em>
How long will quarterbacks coach and de facto signal caller Bill O'Brien be with the Patriots?

Andy Hart speculates as to what other organizational shake-ups might be in store this offseason.

Obviously the most common scenario in New England is all about promoting from within. That leads everyone to believe that either Matt Patricia or Pepper Johnson could be promoted to defensive coordinator. My money is on Patricia. But there is also a part of me – and this is pure speculation – that thinks we could see some more shakeup than that.

Unsubstantiated rumors have linked Bill O'Brien as possibly landing as the playcaller at Syracuse with Doug Marrone, a guy he worked with at Georgia Tech. I hope this doesn't happen because I think the oft-criticized O'Brien is a bright offensive mind and would like to see him get more time with Tom Brady and Co. But I also wouldn't be surprised if Pees isn't the only guy who's not back in New England next season. The next few weeks should shed some light, if there is any, in that area.

Albert Breer reports Tom Brady will miss Pro Bowl with undisclosed injury.

Patriots QB Tom Brady will -- as expected -- pull out of the January 31 Pro Bowl, after dealing with injuries through the 2009 season.

Brady dealt with rib and finger injuries right up through the end of the year, and he didn't miss a snap, showing a pretty substantial deal of toughness to get through.

He'll be replaced by Matt Schaub on the AFC roster. Right now, only Logan Mankins and Vince Wilfork will represent the Patriots in Miami.