Joey Galloway reflects on where it wrong in New England


"It just wasn't a good fit," Galloway said. "I had a different idea of what I was going there to do. I thought that I was going there to be the third receiver. I thought I was going there to help them stretch the field to go vertical, and once I got there, that just wasn't the case. The third receiver in New England doesn't play a large role in much of the offense, and that's in practice, that's on game day. "There was a lot of talk that me and Brady were having issues and we couldn't get on the same page. Me and Tom Brady are great friends. I still talk to him. Great guy. "But there is no page for the third receiver. We would go a week through practice. There would be one maybe two balls thrown to the third guy. It just wasn't a good fit for what I thought I was going there to do." Mike Reiss' analysis: It sounds like Galloway felt he would be running mostly vertical routes, but a key attribute to the No. 3 receiver in the Patriots' offense is the versatility to line up at all the receiver spots, which is what made Jabar Gaffney so valuable. This breakdown in evaluation cost the Patriots.