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New England Patriots Links 1/26/10 - Tom Brady Plans To Play His Butt Off

<em>Tom Brady Tom Brady plays flag football with kids from Boston Centers for Youth & Families at the Tobin Recreation Center in Boston.</em>
Tom Brady Tom Brady plays flag football with kids from Boston Centers for Youth & Families at the Tobin Recreation Center in Boston.

Mike Reiss covered Tom Brady's charity appearance at the Tobin Community Center in Roxbury yesterday, where he played flag football with the kids and answered questions afterwards.  Here is a portion of the Q&A transcript:

Who do you like in the Super Bowl?
"Oh man, I don’t like either team. One has to win obviously. I don’t know, I don’t know. I watched a couple of the games yesterday. It will be a great game. We played both teams. They’re both talented. Can they both lose? Is that possible?"

Were you surprised with either result yesterday?
"No, they’ve been the best teams all season. They certainly deserved to be there. They proved it over the course of the whole season. They have a lot of good players. They did the job. They earned it."

Will you watch the Super Bowl and is it painful?
"Yeah. I think all of us wish we were out there. In another respect, you have to give credit to the teams who earn it. They did. I think both teams over the course of the season, they deserve to be there. You don’t want to hate on those guys. You have to say ‘Congratulations, you guys did a better job than anybody else.’ Hopefully we’ll be back in that position at some point next year.’

How far away do you think the Patriots are from both those teams?
"Well, we’ve obviously got ... the way it ended, there are a lot of things that we need to do better. I talked about a lot of those things over the course of the year. This is the part of the offseason where you try to solve those problems. And every team has problems. Every team has strengths and weaknesses. It’s about identifying them and trying to figure out ways to improve them."

Is there one greatest area in your mind that needs to be improved?
"There are a lot of them. The thing I think I focus on is what I need to do better, and there are certainly a lot of things I need to do better as a player, as a leader, as a quarterback, as a mentor. I’m one of the oldest guys on the team now. I’ve seen a lot of good teams and I’ve been on teams that haven’t been successful. Hopefully I can just provide insight to those players in a leadership role that ‘this is what we need to do.’"

There is a lot of uncertainty with the CBA, and you are in the last year of your contract. Is there any uncertainty there for you with your future with the Patriots?
"With my contract? [Laughs]. I really don’t like … we’re so fortunate to be playing. I think we’re way overpaid as it is; all of us. We get to go play football for a living. I love playing and I’m very fortunate to play, and I’m very fortunate to walk off the field this year and end the season without having surgery. That’s not really a concern."

So you’re willing to take a pay cut? [joking]
"Like I said, we’re all overpaid. We have the greatest job in the world and I have the greatest job in the world. I love being here and I love Boston, I love the city, I love the community, that’s where our home is."

Would you like to have that settled before the start of the season?
"The contract? Well, I’m under contract and I signed a six-year contract five years ago. There are a lot of players that end up being in my situation. There is a lot of uncertainty with the league and being a player rep now, I realize all the different issues that we’re facing. It’s a really unique time in the league and as a team player, I don’t sit here saying ‘What about me, What about me?’ I’m under contract and I’m going to go out there and play and play my butt off."