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New England Patriots Links 1/29/10 - Ex-Notre Dame DC Corwin Brown Hired As New DB Coach

Albert Breer reports that ex-Notre Dame assistant Corwin Brown -- one of the guys let go along with head coach Charlie Weis -- has been installed as secondary coach in New England.

The buzz in Mobile the last couple days was that, in fact, Weis had helped place Brown with an NFL team, but it was unclear which one. Now, it is clear.

I did an extensive story on Brown back in 2007 for this publication, and got some pretty good stories along the way. Here's one pretty good one, that you might have seen alluded to here on Twitter ...

When Bill Belichick arrived to coach the Patriots defensive backs in 1996, Brown was in his fourth NFL season and already knew that, after he was done playing, he wanted to coach. He made this clear to Belichick, and the coach found ways to help tutor him, staying late to watch extra film and such to show Brown how to see the game from a coach's eyes. Brown followed Belichick, and Bill Parcells, to the Jets in 1997 and spent two seasons there, so those two are pretty tight.

Brown got his start in coaching with Al Groh -- his defensive coordinator in his four seasons as a Patriot -- at Virginia from 2001-03, and was one of the few held over from Herm Edwards' Jets staff by Eric Mangini. He's been at Notre Dame the last three years, where he was co-defensive coordinator and associate head coach.

Heath Evans brings a bit of the Patriots Way to the Saints.

Coach Payton ask me today at lunch what I thought about the team schedule. I told him I thought it was perfect! The guys had Monday to Wednesday off, except for some conditioning and some light weightlifting and a few Super Bowl logistics meetings.

His question got me thinking about the 2007 season run to the Super Bowl and the tough days of practice we had leading up to departing for Arizona. All year, we had been fighting the bug of complacency. We started and finished the year in such a dominant fashion that Coach Bill kept the pressure on us at all times to not buy into the lie that we were unbeatable. Needless to say, that years’ prep for the Super Bowl was far from easy.

When asked for advice by Coach Payton, it is so hard not to see everything through the eyes of Bill Belichick. I grew so deeply rooted in the "Patriot Way" during my stay in New England that my mind is forever ingrained with the Patriot DNA, that I feel like I am always trying to bring a little bit of New England to New Orleans.

I guess what I love the most about being a Saint is that we have a coaching staff that is always willing to learn something new. I love the fact that we have coaches that aren’t ashamed to ask how something was done somewhere else out of respect from where I have come.