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The silliness that is the NFL's All-Decade Team

The partial list has already been leaked partly because they're participating in the Pro Bowl.  Those sitting out but still honored (Peyton Manning, Dwight Freeney, and Darren Sharper) have also been named.  As of yet, not one Patriot.  There's still time:

This decade's 53-player team will be comprised of two quarterbacks, four running backs, one fullback, four wide receivers, two tight ends, four offensive tackles, four guards, two centers, four defensive tackles, four defensive ends, six linebackers, four cornerbacks, four safeties, two kickers, two punters, two kick returners and two punt returners. Two head coaches have also been chosen.

The full list will be announced during the Pro Bowl, but there are a few Patriots that should come home with honors:

  • Troy Brown - Is there any question as to the influence this man has had?  Mr. Patriot has done everything but play offensive line.  One of the most important Patriots of this decade, he's hard to ignore.
  • Tedy Bruschi - The heart and soul of this team's defense, his stats aren't stellar, but he certainly led this defense to glory.  Tedy certainly deserves the nod.
  • Randy Moss - Not liking Randy is not an excuse for dismissing his accomplishments.  Jerry Rice, with 20 years in the league, is only 49 TD's ahead of Randy at 32 years of age and 12 seasons under his belt.  Not including Moss on this list would rank it as a total sham and worthy of the bit (trash) bucket.
  • Adam Vinatieri - Even though he plays for that other team, Adam was a Patriot for a long time and helped solidify this decade's most successful football team as one of the greatest of all time.  It takes a team to win a game, but it also takes incredible players to make plays when needed.  3 Super Bowls by 3 points, the "Snow Bowl", Vinatieri is the definition of the word clutch.
  • Tom Brady - The NFL, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to include 2 quarterbacks on the All Decade team.  Peyton Manning has already been chosen which, considering another will be added, I have no problem with.  If there was only one spot, I'd say the NFL has a very "forgetful" view of the last 10 years.  A 3-1 record in Super Bowls this decade should garner some respect, even if "Mr. Stats" is churning up the dome in Indy.

Did I miss anyone?  Who's on your list?  Is my list bogus?  Let's hear it.