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New England Patriots Links 10/11/10 - Bye Week Blues

Michael Lombardi asks Bill Belichick about comments that the trade of Randy Moss means he's giving up on the season.

You kidding me? [laughs] No.  We're here to win.

Peter King isn't buying the Bill Belichick-Randy Moss public love-a-thon, but also doesn't buy the Casserly report of a Brady-Moss altercation either.

Spare me, please, all the wonderful words about what a great locker-room presence, unselfish warrior and all-around statesman Randy Moss was in New England. The way the Patriots were talking about him last week, I kept thinking he was a Mother Teresa-JFK combo platter.

Bill Belichick would have you believe there was no good reason to deal Moss other than for the best-interests-of-the-team. No good reason, of course, other than the wideout spouting off selfishly in a 17-minute screed after a big opening-day win, and a reported halftime dispute with offensive playcaller Bill O'Brien Monday night in Miami, and whatever other disruptive thing that might have been kept in-house.

Here's what I find interesting: Think of all the teams with employees who have close ties to the Patriots and needs at receiver. None of them wanted Moss.

At the end of the day, Belichick, feeling he had to get rid of Moss, was lucky the Vikings were so desperate. If Minnesota hadn't been so needy, the Patriots would have been faced with this question: Is Moss such a distraction that we should cut him and pay the rest of his prorated $6.4 million 2010 salary?

So while I think there was enough mayhem surrounding Moss to prompt a trade, I don't think he went at it with Brady.


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