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Deion Branch Held Out of Seahawks Practice

And the trade speculation continues. The Seattle PI reports:

File it in the "Interesting Coincidence" department if you want, but Seahawks wide receiver Deion Branch was not at practice Monday after reports circulated late last week that he might be traded to the New England Patriots.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said only that Branch was given "a personal day out of here" and had an excused absence from the team's first practice after their bye week.

Why was that?

"It's personal," Carroll said.

Over the weekend, Branch also commented on his status with the Seahawks:Branch was in Louisville last weekend as his name and number were inducted into the school's Ring of Honor. He told the Louisville Courier-Journal that his NFL future was out of his hands.

"I'm going to leave that to the people that handle that," Branch said. "Right now I'm still a Seattle Seahawk, and whatever happens happens."

What does all of this mean?

Well for one, it could mean that a Patriots trade for Deion Branch is imminent. On the other hand, it could mean absolutely nothing. But for now, with all of the rumors that have been circulating, this one is certainly interesting.