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Week 5's "Starting to Make Sense" Power Rankings

The Patriots had a bye week, but there was still plenty of activity in the rankings. Top teams tumbled and some supposedly mediocre teams made names for themselves. I'm actually happy enough with how things have turned out 5 weeks into the season that I'm going to leave the rankings as the numbers say.

Some notes from the week:

Biggest Faller: St. Louis Rams, Houston Texans - Both teams fell 9 spots after suffering blow out losses.

Mentions: New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs - Fell 7 spots

Biggest Riser: New York Giants - The Giants rose 9 spots after spanking the Texans.

Mentions: Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders - Rose 6 spots


"Who's the #1 Draft Prospect?" Tier

32  Carolina Panthers   (21.60)
31  San Francisco 49ers   (20.80)
30  Buffalo Bills   (19.80)


"I'll Take Any Kind of Progress!" Tier

29  Cleveland Browns    26.20
28  Detroit Lions    27.80
27  Dallas Cowboys    28.50
26  Minnesota Vikings    34.00
25  Denver Broncos    37.60
24  Cincinnati Bengals    39.60
23  St. Louis Rams    42.40
22  Oakland Raiders    45.40


Read The Rest of the Rankings After the Jump!

"Mediocre Middle" Tier

21  Arizona Cardinals    50.00
20  Miami Dolphins    53.50
19  Houston Texans    56.40
18  Jacksonville Jaguars    59.00
17  Seattle Seahawks    59.50
16  San Diego Chargers    61.80
15  New Orleans Saints    64.40
14  Tampa Bay Buccaneers    68.50
13  Philadelphia Eagles    68.80


"Missing a Piece or Two" Tier

12  New York Giants    76.60
11  Washington Redskins    84.40
10  Green Bay Packers    86.00
9  Tennessee Titans    87.40
8  Kansas City Chiefs    90.00
7  Indianapolis Colts    92.00
6  Pittsburgh Steelers    94.00


"Playoff Competitor" Tier

5  Baltimore Ravens  104.00
4  Chicago Bears  108.60
3  New England Patriots  108.75
2  Atlanta Falcons  118.60
1  New York Jets  120.80


Here are the rankings! I think these are pretty solid for right now. There are a few things that I would change (Patriots are a little high, the Ravens are a little low, the Texans are a little low), but beyond that, I think they're pretty fair. Keep in mind that the teams that I grouped in tiers are based on their scores- in 25 point increments. I think every team within 25 points of each other can beat one another on any given Sunday, which means that Pittsburgh Steelers can absolutely give the Baltimore Ravens a run for their money, despite being in different tiers. It just means that the Ravens have shown more throughout the season.

Word of Note for Patriots fans: Don't get too excited. The Patriots may rank #3 right now, but they're in for a battle against #5 Baltimore (who is under-ranked, in my opinion). The young defense of the Patriots still has a lot to prove before they gain my confidence and the offense needs to show that it can function without Randy Moss. Just because the Patriots rank higher than the Ravens doesn't mean they're going to win.