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New England Patriots Links 10/20/10 - Meriweather Just Fine; Chargers Week Begins

Karen Guregian explains how Meriweather was able to avoid suspension.

During an interview with the NFL Network last night, Ray Anderson, the league’s executive vice president of football operations said,  "At the end of the day, we wanted to be fair.  The notion was, if you’re going to have elevated discipline, give players and coaches and organizations fair notice that, in fact, suspensions, taking guys off the field, is an option for us going forward in these types of hits. We didn’t think [suspending now] was appropriate."

Bill Belichick addresses the media Tuesday, with his focus on the San Diego Chargers.

We are getting a jump here on San Diego. We are pretty well into it today. That team played very well against Jacksonville and Arizona at home. You can see they have a real talented team all the way around, real good on offense, defense, a lot of big plays, explosive players and really good specialists. So, we certainly know what this team is capable of. They've had a couple tough breaks - turnovers and a couple plays that have hurt them on special teams. But, you can see why this team has had the kind of success they've had and they're very talented, they're tough, they're big, they're physical. It's going to be a big challenge for us, going out there and playing them in San Diego, trying to get a win on the road.

Tedy Bruschi looks ahead to Sunday's matchup in Southern California, and gives his keys for the Patriots to beat the Chargers this weekend:

* Get pressure on Philip Rivers: Last week the Rams sacked Philip Rivers 7 times.

* Get the running game going: The Chargers' run defense has shown a lot of vulnerability.

* Spread the ball around offensively: If the Patriots establish the run, watch for Tom Brady to pick apart the defense by hitting targets all over the field.

Bruschi also sees this game as an opportunity for the Patriots to establish confidence on the road. If they win Sunday, it'll be two straight road victories. Last season, they had just one true road win all season (not counting the neutral site game in England).