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Week 6 Power Rankings: Poor Dallas Edition

Which team is charging for the top rank? (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Which team is charging for the top rank? (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Week 6 is in the books and the Patriots managed to pull off a win in the Razor. Other teams managed great wins and some others pulled off spectacular losses. Here's this week's rankings!

Biggest Faller: Kansas City Chiefs - They were screwed out of a win against Houston due to a terrible referee call, causing them to drop 9 spots in the rankings. They're still #1 in the AFC West.

Mentions: Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Spanked by a division rival, the Bucs are playing the level of football closer to their actual talent level. They dropped 8 spots.

Biggest Riser: New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles - All teams rose 7 spots after pulling off great wins. Saints won in a blow out, the Dolphins beat a playoff team and the Eagles romped over another playoff caliber team.

Mentions: Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks - The Titans blew out a division rival and the Seahawks beat a top NFC team in order to rise 5 spots in the rankings.

"Who's the #1 Draft Pick?" Tier

 Carolina Panthers        (21.60)
 Buffalo Bills        (19.80)
 San Francisco 49ers          (0.97)

"I'll Take Any Kind of Progress!" Tier


 Cleveland Browns         20.53
 Detroit Lions         22.70
 Dallas Cowboys         23.20
 Denver Broncos         30.63
 Oakland Raiders         33.13
 Cincinnati Bengals         39.60
 Jacksonville Jaguars         40.50
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers         43.80
 Minnesota Vikings         49.80


See the rest of the rankings after the jump!

"Mediocre Middle" Tier

 Arizona Cardinals         50.00
 St. Louis Rams         53.33
 San Diego Chargers         53.47
 Kansas City Chiefs         73.20
 Washington Redskins         74.00
 Houston Texans         74.37
 Green Bay Packers         74.50


"Missing a Piece or Two" Tier

 Miami Dolphins         75.40
 Seattle Seahawks         80.20
 New York Giants         84.37
 Baltimore Ravens         89.53
 Chicago Bears         94.20
 New Orleans Saints         95.37
 Atlanta Falcons         96.53
 Philadelphia Eagles         97.20
 Indianapolis Colts         98.03


"Playoff Competitor" Tier

 Tennessee Titans       107.37
 Pittsburgh Steelers       110.80
 New England Patriots       122.60
 New York Jets       122.97


There they are.

These are from the statistics. Keep in mind that each team in each respective tier are basically equal on neutral field and teams in higher tiers should beat lower tiered teams on neutral ground.

That said, if I had to switch some rankings, here's what I would do:

All teams from the Ravens up (so the Ravens, Bears, Saints, Falcons, Eagles and Colts) are playoff competitors. They just don't meet the 100 point total requirement for that tier. They're also all two loss teams, which drops them from the Steelers/Patriots/Jets trio in the point rankings.

I would drop the Titans down a tier because they've beaten up on bad teams and have lost to good teams. They're also a two loss team, but they've pounded on weak teams. However, they have potential due to their fantastic pass rush and their potentially potent offense. They're still second fiddle to the Colts.

My Quick and Dirty Rankings

32. Bills

31. Panthers

30. 49ers

29. Browns

28. Raiders

27. Lions

26. Cowboys

25. Bengals

24. Jaguars

23. Buccaneers

22. Cardinals

21. Vikings

20. Rams

19. Chargers

18. Seahawks

17. Broncos

16. Chiefs

15. Packers

14. Redskins

13. Texans

12. Dolphins

11. Titans

10.  Giants

9. Bears

8. Saints

7. Falcons

6. Eagles

5. Colts

4. Steelers

3. Ravens

2. Patriots

1. Jets

There it is!