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New England Patriots Links 10/22/10 - Chargers A Deep Challenge For Patriots' Young Defense.

<em>We need to see this happen all day long on Sunday</em>.
We need to see this happen all day long on Sunday.

Ian Rapoport says Wes Welker knows the passing game needs to be on point Sunday.

"Obviously our O-line is going to have to do a great job and then the pick ups for the backs and tight ends is going to be key for us and receivers getting open quick and make sure we’re getting open and setting our guys up and getting separation where Tommy (Brady) can make a good throw," Welker said.

"I think guys being able to do everything," Welker said, "as far as playing the slot, play outside, do different things and run different routes and everybody kind of collectively getting open and Tom finding the right guy, it definitely helps."

"I feel like [the offense without Randy Moss has] kind of been the same and things like that for the most part," Welker said. "I feel like guys did a good job of getting open and Tom was able to find them. We were really able to get going toward the fourth quarter."

Jerod  Mayo appeared on WEEI this morning and talks about Brandon Meriweather's hit on TE Todd Heap.

"I wouldn’t say it gave us a spark, but at the same time, it kind of kept them out of the middle of the field, and that’s what we needed," he said, adding: "That hit kind of changed the game a little bit. Yeah, I would say that."

Stephen Neal talked with Dale & Holley about the Chargers being a different team at home and on the road.

"It’s kind of strange how you have the home team, and they get out there, and they get after it, fast-starting team," Neal said. "And then you get the road team, and they just haven’t played as well on the road. Unfortunately, we’ve got to play them at [their] home this week. You’ve just to execute against them and hopefully do all the right stuff, and hopefully you’ll come out and get in front of them and play from ahead and do pretty well."





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